2020 edit: Sadly, for various reasons this app no longer exists.

This is a bit of a late announcement, but I have an app on Google Play. Website Daydream is a simple app that allows a chosen website to be displayed when your device is docked or charging.

Building on the Android 4.2 “Daydream” mode, Website Daydream offers a couple of options:

  • Address – the address of the web page to load.
  • Interactivity – choose whether touching interacts with the page like a normal browser, or exits the Daydream for a screensaver-like experience.
  • Refresh – optionally refresh the page at a certain interval.

I created the app because I was surprised no one else had; the ability to load a custom page when docking my phone seemed like a great idea. You could load Twitter, your favourite news site, a custom HTML5 canvas screensaver – anything.

The app has been available for download (for free!) since December and has already seen installation on over 800 devices. If you own an Android 4.2+ device you should check it out!

Website Daydream on Google Play